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LFLM’s Website is Redesigned and Enhanced.

We are proud to announce the release of our newly redesigned LFLM Website.   We want visitors to know who we are & what we do and we also believe in sharing our knowledge. The goal of our redesign is to bring all of this together in a streamlined site, where users will be able to quickly locate and access information.  Our Website Team has worked collaboratively to put together a new website rich in information and resources for our visitors. The website will feature new types of content and will be updated on a regular basis, with news & events, educational resources and interesting topics.

Our new site has been crafted to be more user-friendly.  Visually it was designed to be crisp, clear, concise and functional.  Locating information is quicker and easier with our new search feature.  Referring new files can also be accomplished through our site.  Publications and Bios can be collected in and printed from the “My Portfolio” button in one easy step.  Contacting us is easier.  Our “Contact Us” tab allows you to email administrative contacts with one click or use the FAQ’s form.  Emailing individual attorneys can be done from the link on their bio page.

With greater access to the internet via mobile devices, our goal was to improve mobile usability.   The platforms for both tablet and smart phones were designed to upload and display quickly.  The pages, tabs and features of our mobile site appear in an easy to access, scrollable layout that offers a better user experience.

Our firm is forward thinking and embraces technology.   We recognize the importance of a website, as it serves as a useful tool for our clients, visitors and our firm.  LFLM really is “A Traditional Force in Defense With a Modern Mindset”.   We hope you enjoy our new website and visit it often.