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Web Accessibility Statement

Web Accessibility Statement

Laughlin Falbo Levy & Moresi, LLP (“LFLM”) is committed to making our websites and webpages accessible to anyone interested in accessing our sites and information. We strive to meet or exceed any required statements that might exist, as well as recommended or best practice standards, with recognition that at times parts of our webpages may not be immediately or fully accessible, often due to new or changed features, updates, or other circumstances, which may include webinar presentations that are not closed-captioned or subject automatically to modified presentations. Using current website technology, however, any such limitations should be rare within our regular content.

If you should ever find any portion of our website or webpages to be inaccessible through the use of standard text readers, please let us know so that we can take prompt steps to rectify that situation, at which time we will also provide you with additional options or assistance in accessing the content or gaining alternate methods to access or utilize our website and webpages.

Any questions or concerns regarding access, or any request for additional or supplemental accommodation, should be directed to our Website Development Team, who can be reached at

Laughlin, Falbo, Levy & Moresi, LLP.